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Working from home has always been an option, but most companies were reluctant to adopt this model entirely. However, the pandemic and government regulations that came with it forced employers’ hands. Most offices switched to a remote working model. Employees found that they actually liked working from home, and didn’t want to go back to offices. Companies are unlikely to force their workers to come back to the office. 

What type of work do employees prefer?

Polls have found that most professionals prefer to continue working remotely, or switch to a hybrid model of work. Even though most managers are skeptical, many companies are willing to let them work from home for as long as they’d like. Employees enjoy the added benefit of free time, and can spend that free time to sign up on BetChan and play casino games. 

Startups working towards the future


Eloops is a prime example of a startup built around the future of remote work. It allowed US companies to ensure that their employees were connected with one another. It helps teams maintain an engaging culture and set up team building activities between members of the team. Eloops helps companies measure employee’s satisfaction with the job. This is done using polls, questionnaires and other ways to collect input from employees. Employers can use services of Eloops startup to deliver custom messages and notes to specific employees.

Managers who argue against working from home indefinitely have many different reasons. The biggest reason for their stance is difficulty managing time when you’re working alone. Plann3r is a startup that allows professionals to separate their time for work and personal life. It offers tools to help workers arrange schedules and set times when they are available or busy. In short, Plann3r is a tool for managing time. The tool can incorporate external calendar and scheduling tools.

During the pandemic, sales teams had to evolve because they could no longer rely on face to face communication. VRdirect is a company that allows sales teams to set up presentations and expos for  selling to their clients. This helps sales teams improve the quality of their presentations, and improve their visual value. More importantly, sales teams can present to clients from a distance. This is especially important for selling real estate, or products from the automotive industry.

Many companies who switched to remote work struggled with project management and coordination between employees. Taskblitz is a startup to help these companies better manage their employees and help them work on a single project. Startup offers a single platform that combines features from various project management and team collaboration tools. Using the Taskblitz platform, employees can set their own goals, see how they are making progress and manage how team members are handling tasks assigned to them.

When you’re in the office, you can simply go up to any of your co-workers and communicate with them. That’s impossible when you are online. Proficonf offers other video conferencing tools, but it takes synchronous communication to a higher level. Professionals can use Proficonf to make calls with high quality audio and video conferencing, and exchange files if necessary. The best part is, you don’t have to download anything.

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