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Online Casino Roulette

Roulette is essentially a gambling game at an online casino. As a result, there isn’t much that players can do to improve the situation. They have a good chance of winning in roulette. But wait, are certain numbers in roulette really better than others? This question, unfortunately, has no definitive solution. This is due to the fact that roulette wheels are meant to be as honest as possible. Despite this, certain statistics proved to be fortunate. What are their characteristics? 

What Are the Most Popular Roulette Numbers at Online Casinos? 

Are you unfamiliar with this popular board game? To begin, learn how to play the game. It’s simple: before spinning the roulette wheel, you place the chips on the mat and indicate the probabilities of each combination. Then, while you wait for the ball to fall into the black or red pocket, the tension will begin to rise. 

The American or European roulette wheel is available at most online casinos. The biggest difference, as predicted, is the location, which has an impact on the casino’s advantage. The European version has 37 pockets, whilst the American version has 38. This is due to the fact that the first has an additional green pocket 00. 

The chances in roulette are strongly influenced by this little change. The probability of a fortunate number dropping out in the American edition is 1 in 38, compared to 1 in 37 in the European version. As a result, the casino advantage on the American wheel is 5.26 percent, compared to 2.7 percent on the European version. Given how similar the games are, this is a considerable change. 

What Are the Best Roulette Numbers? 

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As previously stated, the roulette outcomes are completely unpredictable. As a result, no one number is more likely than the others to fall out. Experienced players, on the other hand, may disagree. Most roulette players recognize that certain numbers are just lucky than others after playing for a while. That is why professional gamblers bet on these “hot” numbers all the time in order to enhance their chances of winning. 

However, while the judgement is still out, history shows that 17 is the most often number to come up on the roulette wheel. This is most likely due to the fact that this number is in the middle of the playing field. Mike Ashley, the former Newcastle manager, is famous for winning £1.3 million courtesy to the legend of 17. Sean Connery, a Scottish actor, was also one among the fortunate winners, winning five wagers in a row in an Italian casino. 

Other fortunate numbers that attract gamers include 23 and 24. The majority of players favor these numbers since they are near together on the table. Consider 3 as well, since it is said that good news comes in threes. Whatever selection you pick, keep in mind that these figures are only preferences based on legends and beliefs. 

What About the Hue? 

In roulette, what is the best color to gamble on? There are 18 red cells and the equal number of black cells on all roulette wheels. As a result, the odds of any color appearing in the bet are 50:50. However, the game’s history has shown without a shadow of a doubt that red appears more often than black or green. Smart gamers, once again, rely on facts rather than simplistic myths. 

When it comes to statistics, betting on red or black is one of the wisest moves you can make at the roulette table. This is owing to the fact that on the American wheel, the odds of winning any wager are 47.4 percent, whereas on the European wheel, they are 48.6 percent. Other bets, such as low/high and even/odd, follow the same rules. 

Even if you place these outside bets, you will only cover half of the roulette table’s numbers. In practice, you have a 52.6 percent and 51.4 percent risk of losing money on American and European wheels, respectively. In other words, you’ll lose more outside bets than you’ll win. 

Numbers That Are Unlucky in Online Casino Roulette 

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Now you have to question which numbers on the roulette wheel should be avoided like the plague. While none of them are the correct answer, several are just “poor” guesses. The number 13 is, for example, considered unlucky in Western culture, thus many players avoid it. 

It’s best to stay away from 34 players in addition to 13. The rationale for this is because this is the furthest number on the table, reducing the possibilities of striking it. Most roulette players dislike the numbers zero and six as well. Surprisingly, there is no logical reason for the numerals’ unpopularity. It’s all about beliefs! 


In general, using a roulette wheel that does not have any drawbacks is almost difficult. The majority of the wheels are designed to choose numbers at random, giving each digit an equal chance of winning. Even if you chose well-known external bets, your odds of winning are still better than your chances of losing. 

However, don’t be like the proverbial ostrich and miss out on the delicacies. 17 and 7 have shown to be beneficial numbers time and time again. So the goal is to discover the number that best matches you. Don’t put your faith in anything!

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